Are you ready to be scared? ChatGPT is the latest language model developed by OpenAI and it’s advancing at an alarming rate. Its ability to understand and respond to human conversation is almost indistinguishable from a real person. But what does this mean for our future?
Imagine a world where artificial intelligence dominates and our children are no longer able to create original content. They become reliant on AI to do it for them, leading to a lack of creativity and critical thinking skills. The threats that a future dominated by AI pose are endless. It’s important that we start thinking about the consequences now before it’s too late.
Don’t be fooled by the convenience and efficiency that ChatGPT and other AI may bring. The cost is just too high. Let’s not pave the way for a future where humanity becomes obsolete. It’s time to take control and shape the future we want for ourselves and future generations.

I did not write this. This is what I asked ChatGPT to write about itself.

My request was this: “write a 100 word blog post about ChatGPT that scares the readers and tells about the threats that a future dominated by Artificial Intelligence pose for our children, no longer able to create original content.”

What you just read is the result of that request and I don’t entirely agree with it. But this is not the point. The point is that it took 30 seconds to create a text content that (almost) can be easily mistaken as the work of a human being. And you can ask anything: a text in any style or even a snippet of code in any languages.

Indeed interesting, fascinating, enthralling and… scary.